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An online Chinese language and cultural school for ages 3-18

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Welcome to CCL online school, where we're all about Chinese culture and language! Founded in 2021, we began with just 1 teacher to teach 1-2 cultural classes and have since grown into a fantastic teaching team. Our mission is to share the excitement of Chinese culture and language with everyone around the globe. Whether you're just starting to explore or already a fan, we're here to make learning fun and exciting for you! Join us today and let's explore the wonders of Chinese culture together!



Our team of educators consists exclusively of native speakers who bring a wealth of experience to their teaching roles. Each teacher is known for their energetic teaching style, ensuring that every class is engaging and effective.


At Chinese Culture Land, our curriculum is designed to make learning Chinese enjoyable and comprehensive. Our courses cater to all proficiency levels, providing a gradual path to language mastery. We include cultural insights, allowing students to understand China's traditions, customs, and pop culture. Our curriculum offers fun and engaging activities, keeping students interested and motivated. We focus on real-world applications, helping students apply their skills in everyday conversations and cultural experiences.


Our goal is to create confident learners who are proficient in the language and connected to Chinese culture.


Chinese Culture Land Reviews
Chinese Culture Land Reviews
Chinese Culture Land Reviews
Chinese Culture Land Reviews
Chinese Culture Land Reviews
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